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Viscosity Control Syste : Viscosity Control System ReVis G22
Viscosity Control Syste

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Paper, Film & foil printing industry knows that improved print quality, consistency in colours and better mileage of ink is the biggest advantages of automatic ink viscosity controller. Variation in ink viscosity changes its properties. The ink properties like printability, Shade, drying & consumption vary with ink viscosity. Therefore automatic viscosity controller is vital important equipment for maintaining viscosity and print quality. Manual viscosity controller leads to inconsistencies in print quality and increased costs of material. Automatic viscosity controller continually monitors and corrects the ink viscosity without any manual intervention of machine operator and ensures uniform print quality and finally reduces the wastage. ReShilp Offers ReVis G22 Viscosity Control System to control viscosity of Ink & Adhesive throughout the process and ensure print consistency and saving in Ink & Solvent